The Ignis Lands
Welcome, brother or sister. Four herds fighting for survival. Two of the light, and two of the dark. However, two of these herds are immortal, two herds shrouded in the Moon Rays, two herds covered in the darkness. Which path will you choose? Which path is your destiny?

Four herds fighting for survival. Two of the light, and two of the dark. However, two of these herds are immortal, two herds shrouded in the Moon Rays, two herds covered in the darkness. Which path will you choose?
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PostSubject: A wolf's song   A wolf's song I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 04, 2013 7:15 pm

--The wolf watches as all Hell is taken past the Wolf Fang Mountains. Can you believe, that this pack, has been living here with all of these herds just on the other side of the line of the Time Ruin's territory? It's odd to say it's true. One stomp by these massive beasts can be the end of our mortal bodies. On the top of the mountain, 4 wolves bank themselves as they watch everything unfold. Everyone of them gasps but the alpha, Suta. She was prepared for such a delivery. They have shipped themselves into a dangerous land that they will to, have to fight for survival. But since they are small, they will stay on the one side of the mountain. The white alpha watches with a glare in her miss-matched eyes. She was ready for someone to venture to they side they have claimed home.--

A wolf's song Time_r10


"It's time I say, there is no worries. We do not cross to their side, but they may cross to ours. I will not allow any violence between us and the horses, even if that costs a life." Suta turns around and glares at River, who was standing next to her. Her white fur lays identical to the rock, but yellow to the snow. River, the daughter of Suta, has the same fur color and miss-matched eyes, but is a bit darker into the grey colors and has a sand tipped tail. The usual for Suta and her daughter is the calls they have between sessions of each pack. The Crow Water and the Time Ruins.

Suta pulls back her massive head and tightens her lips, a howl emerges from her mouth. In the house, a message telling everyone in the land that they are there, and mean no harm. Suta turns around and pads down the rocky mountain, the rest of the pack following her foot steps. She maneuvers through the snow like it where to be a natural path way through the forest to their den.


"If I don't recall, I believe that no horses have past this side of the mountain besides the leader of the Liquid Fire Herd." River says turning to her mother who was concentrating on the path way and the surroundings. She lowers her ears and waits for her mother's response. When Suta speaks her statement, River's fur raises. "More than one horse has entered this land. But most of them are immortal; unlike us. Really?" She says turning her head to the side with her ears perked, "is that true?"

When her mother nodded, she sighed and went past her. "I will talk to you later today if possible, I need to go and manage my own pack. Love you." River pounces over to the rock that lays in the middle of the forest and disappears.

Alsoomse swings her long black tail to the right and sits at the end of the mountain where Suta stopped as well to watch River go back to her pack. "What's wrong, Suta?" Alsoomse picks her black body up and sits next to Suta. Alsoomse lowers her ears and looks back at the mountain, "You're worried for River, aren't you?" she sighs and sits strait up. "Like you said, no need to be afraid!"

She stands back up with her wobbly hawks. "I will go to the den and wait for you there, Suta." She smiles and trots through the forest and past the rock in the middle. She disappears, leaving Suta for herself.


"Is it alright if I can...go too?" Senoves says lowering his grey muzzled face to the ground. He tucks his tail and walks down the mountain, the last one to do so. When he receives a nod from Suta, running is all he can think about. He swings past the rock and vanishes.

(Just an introduction, only Suta is now in play. The rest when back home. Yes, your horse OR wolf character can RP in this entry. ENJOY. :3)

Snow Fire

Her white majesty stuck in torture under her eggshell hide. When she runs, her muscles skip across each other as her Ox strong hooves dig into the ground, flinging it up to her stomach. The fire shined through her eyes when she runs at great speeds to a cliff ahead. Her one blue eyes, right, and one green eyes, left, look around vigorously to find a place to jump. She runs, stops, runs, and then trots. Her tail whips in every direction. She can hear the other horses hooves, stomping vigorously, growling, and screaming at her. She looks back, she doesn't feel the ground anymore. She's falling to her death. She's dead.

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A wolf's song
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